Thanks to recent donations

Over the past few years, the Foundation has contributed the following amounts to the Lachine Hospital:

Ophthalmology Department:  $475,000

Urology Department:  $300,000

Cardiology Department:  $177,000

Long term, short term and palliative care:  $173,000

Surgery Department:  $100,000

The Foundation has committed to improvements for 2016, which include the refurnishing of all the hospital’s waiting rooms, the purchase of a portable ultrasound machine for the Emergency Department, a bronchoscope for the Endoscopy Unit and additional equipment purchases for the Cardiology and Ophthalmology departments.

It is the Foundation’s objective to make the patient experience at the Lachine Hospital as efficient and comfortable as possible. We thank you profoundly for your ongoing support, which allows us to fulfill our commitment of continuously improving patient care.