In Good Hands Recognition Program

Kathleen Vandernoot, a patient at Lachine Hospital with Dr. Manuel Perrier, Director of Ophthalmology.

In Good Hands is a program created specifically to give you a chance to say thank you to a member of our staff who you think is outstanding.

Who is it intended for?

In Good Hands is meant for anyone who wants to show their appreciation.
Either you or someone you care about was treated at the Lachine Hospital or is being cared for at the Camille-Lefebvre Pavilion. Wouldn’t it be great to recognize the remarkable work of one of our doctors or nurses? Did the kindness or dedication of a staff member really stand out?
In Good Hands allows you to speak up easily, simply and in your own voice. The program is a great way to thank any member of our team: someone who works in the office, perhaps; a housekeeping attendant, a technician, a volunteer…

How does it work?

It’s a personal message of gratitude, addressed directly to the person you are acknowledging, in conjunction with a donation you make to the Lachine Hospital Foundation.
As a result of your gift, the employee whom you deem worthy of recognition will receive a special commemorative pin designed to highlight the exceptional work he or she does, along with a thank you card in your name.
We will also ensure that your chosen employee’s supervisor is made aware of the special honour you have bestowed and make an announcement via the hospital’s internal communications channels.

How will my donation help?

Your gift will allow us to upgrade our facilities and obtain the latest equipment, helping us provide even better care to our patients.

Kathleen Vandernoot, a patient at Lachine Hospital was extremely satisfied with the care that she received in the ophthalmology department. As a result, she made a donation to the Lachine Hospital Foundation as a way of saying “thank-you”. She is pictured here with Dr. Manuel Perrier, Director of Ophthalmology.

For more information please call the Foundation at 514 637-2351, 77333 or send an e-mail to [email protected]